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Cherry MX Clears

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Heavy Bottom-Out with Mild Tactility

2013 Production Batch

Slight pre-travel before a medium sized bump, Cherry MX Clears are popular amongst those looking for a switch with more feedback than a MX Brown.

A popular modification is to install lighter springs to make Ergo-Clears. For the snappiest tactile experience possible, complete your perfect switch by adding some Extension Springs.

These are NOT a recent batch of switches and are using older Cherry housing/tooling. 

Pack of 10 Switches 

Cherry MX Clear

  • Nylon Housing
  • Tactile Switch
  • 5 pin 
  • 55 cN operating force

Force Graph - Cherry MX Clear


Cherry MX Clear Stems are tight on some keycaps, may cause damage or difficulty when removing keycaps.

Explanation Video