TTC Golden Red v3
TTC Golden Red V3
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TTC Golden Red V3

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Amazing Budget Starter Option. A High Performance Stock Switch. 

TTC are experienced switch manufacturers, having been in the scene for many years. The brand is popular in the Eastern keyboard community, with majority of the audience preferring to use TTC switches stock.

Recently they have refined their manufacturing techniques, giving us super smooth and quality stock switches. These are a vast improvement on the TTC V2 Switches. 

TTC Golden Reds are an amazing budget starter option; modifications like lubing or filming aren't necessary and the switches come with a highly responsive Slow Curve spring.

Packs of 10 Switches

TTC Golden Red V3

  • Slow Curve Spring (50 g Bottom Out)
  • Linear
  • 3 pin
  • Factory Lubed Leaf and Spring

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