Mechanical Keyboard Spring Sample Pack Australia

Switch Spring Sample Pack

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A Range of Springs to Test and Sample

Loose Springs:
5 pack of springs are packed in plastic zip-lock bags. Because they have no cardboard for reinforcement and protection, they CANNOT be sent by Letter postage.

Sample Pack:
Custom laser cut cardboard that has been hand-packed with 4x of 10 different springs. These springs are rated at Bottom Out weights.

Each pack contains 4 of the following:

  • 3 Stage - 53g
  • 3 Stage - 62g
  • 2 Stage - 62g
  • 2 Stage - 58g
  • 2 Stage - 53g
  • 2 Stage - 45g
  • 15mm- 63g
  • 20mm - 40g
  • Funnel - 60g
  • LB 2 Stage - 62g

Some springs may feel lighter/heavier due to different force curves.

A Tracked Letter Option is available at the checkout for the Sample Pack because the cardboard provides support during postage.