Krytox 105 Alternative - Silicone Oil 700cst

Silicone Spring Oil

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At room temperature 700 cSt Silicone Oil is thicker than Krytox 105 but not as thick as Krytox 106.  1000 cSt Silicone Oil is thicker than both Krytox 105 and 106.


Krytox 105 @ 20°c : 522 cSt
Krytox 106 @ 20°c : 822 cSt

When lubricating springs, a thicker oil is ideal because it helps secure the spring in place thereby minimizing the unwanted movement that causes "crunch" and "ping" sounds. 

35ml allows you to use a generous amount of oil each time without the fear of underapplying or conserving to save costs. 

The 5ml variant comes in a smaller, unlabeled dropper bottle. 

    1000cst Silicone Oil  - Details 

    • 100% Pure Silicone Oil
    • Made locally in South Australia
    • 5ml squeezable dropper bottle

    700cst Silicone Oil - Details 

    • 100% Pure Silicone Oil
    • Imported direct from Japan
    • 5ml or 35ml squeezable dropper bottle