TX Springs UXL - 22mm (UXL)

TX Springs UXL - 22mm (UXL)

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Premium Ultra XL Springs Loved by Enthusiasts.

The longer a spring's length, the more compressed it will be once installed in a switch. This means that the switch will feel heavier at the start of the key-press, however, it will also feel more consistent throughout the keystroke.

Shorter springs start out feeling light and easy to press, however, gradually get heavier towards the bottom-out as the springs gets more compressed.

TX Springs are very popular because they have very high tolerances and do not deviate beyond ±1g. This gives enthusiasts the extra peace of mind knowing their switches are all very consistent.


  • Pack of 110 Springs
  • 22mm Length
  • Rated at Bottom Out
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cherry MX compatible