PCB & Plate Preparation

If you need assistance with the building of the kit, please refer to the following guides:
Tinny 50 Case Teardown
Tinny 50 Case Build Guide

Test the PCB in VIA


Install Stickers and Stabiliser

The Stabiliser Shims provided are 0.2mm and you will need to install 2x on each side of the stabiliser. 

These adhesive shims go on the underside of the PCB, and work with both screw-in and clip-in stabiliser variants.

Stabiliser Shim Installation

Install Standoffs and the Plate

Screw > Standoff  > Screw

By connecting the PCB and Plate together, you will be able to easily swap switches while the board is built. However, there is still some risk and Hot Swap sockets might "pop" off the PCB. 

If you prefer a more "flexible" typing experience, do not install the Screws and Standoffs.  

Keyboard Standoff Installation

Installing Switches

Plate the PCB over a cloth on a flat surface.
Install the switches while the PCB and Hot Swap sockets are flat against the cloth. This prevents sockets from snapping off the PCB.
Make sure all the switch pins are straight and not bent; do not push switches into the PCB at an angle.