Tinny50 - Additional Details

The Tinny50 is a small form-factor mechanical keyboard that is both designed and produced in QLD, Australia.

I aim to provide a simple way for keyboard enthusiasts to try a small layout while also bringing some colour into their workspace. There are many factors which make this board unique, however, it’s greatest advantage over other small keyboards on the market, is the dedicated number row.

In addition to making daily use easier, by having direct access to numbers; a user is able to display and show-off their favourite Artisan keycaps along the number row. This potentially lets the board serve a purpose even when not in use.

Unlike other smaller keyboard kits, the Tinny50 comes with a pre-assembled, Hot-Swap PCB which is pre-flashed with VIA software. Soldering switches or components is not required, and the experience is essentially Plug-and-Play.

Kit Includes:
- Plate
- Hardware
- Acrylic Case
- 0.2mm Stabiliser Shims

Additional Description:

- 1.2mm Brushed-Finish Aluminium Allloy
- O-ring Mounted to the Case
Australian Made

Brushed Aluminium is prone to scratching; some imperfections may be present on the plate. i.e. minor scratches
The back of the plate may have burn marks as a result of laser processing.

- White Solder Masked 1.2mm PCB
- RGB Underglow LEDs
- White Kailh Hot Swap Sockets
- Pre-Flashed with VIA

The Tinny50 uses:
- 5x 1.25u 
- 2x 1.75u 
- 1x 6.25u 

40% keyboard layout

- 4x M2.5 Hex Screws 8mm 
- 4x O-Rings
- 4x M2.5 Nuts
- 8x M2 Hex Screws 4mm
- 4x M2 Standoffs 4mm
- 2x Small Bumpons  (Front)
- 2x Large Bumpons  (Rear)
[Not Pictured]:
- 4x M2 Hex Standoffs 13mm (Front)
- 4x M2 Hex Standoffs 22mm (Rear)
- 8x M2 Hex Screws 8mm - Silver
- 8x M2 Hex Screws 8mm - Gold (Pastel Version)
- 8x M2 Phillips Head Screws 8mm - Clear PC (Opal Version)


- Laser Cut 3mm and 1.5mm Acrylic 
- 5x 3mm + 1x 1.5mm for the Case
- 3x 3mm for the Riser Feet

- Pastel Pink
- Pastel Purple
- Pastel Green
- Pastel Blue
- Pastel Orange
- Pastel Yellow
- Frosted Opal

Protective film may be left on the acrylic, and will required you to peel off.

Have a damp cloth available to wipe down all the acrylic layers; peeling the plastic/film may leave flakes/dust/powder on the acrylic.

If a colour is purchasable, it is available. 

Colours will be discontinued if there is not enough demand.

Not included and you will still need need:
- 1x 6.25u Stabiliser - PCB Mount
- 52x MX Switches
- Keycaps 
- USB Type C Cable