IDY Butterfly - Removing Keycaps

How to Handle

Firmly grasp this puller in the palm of your hand; this is also known as the "Ice Pick" position. This formation is the optimal way to use and hold the tool. 

Each puller comes with an elastic band. I strongly suggest using it to secure the handles while you use the puller. 

How To Use This Keycap Puller

Step 1 - Hold the Puller at a 45degree angle and place one of the wires under the side of a keycap. 

Step 2 - Bring the other wire over the top and to the opposite side. 

Step 3 - Hold the puller directly above the keycap so that the wires can evenly distribute force.
Gently start to lift upwards.

Step 4 - Wiggle the handle from side to side while pulling upwards. 

How To Use This Keycap Puller
(Video Demo)

Additional Notes:

Skill Check: With enough practice you will be able to "stack" 1u keycaps when removing them.
This may take some time to learn.