IDY Butterfly Puller - Hardware


Wires - Nickel Titanium Alloy

My Nitinol wires are special because they will always return to the original shape. With normal Stainless-Steel wires, bending the metal causes permanent damage. It’s only normal that some deformation will happen eventually with usage, however, bent wires will very-likely cause interference issues when trying to close this tool. To avoid problems and minimise any uncertainties, I’ve opted for the more premium Nitinol wire with memory-shape properties over traditional Stainless-Steel.

This material is inherently expensive and about ten times more costly than Stainless-Steel. Nickel and Titanium are heated and formed at high temperatures to set and shape these wires; custom moulds and tooling were required. This extra process adds to the final price and EACH wire at MOQ ultimately cost more than 10AUD; a single wire already costs exponentially more than a regular keycap puller tool.

Additionally, my wires have different dimensions to the wires on a normal keycap puller. The current design allows for the wire to fit around standard Cherry profile keycaps; doing this has a few benefits like making it easier to remove longer sized modifier keycaps. 

Pivot Barrel - Custom

ivot Screw - Custom

Brass Washer

Aluminum Bushing - Custom

Aluminum "Blade" - Custom