Budget Friendly Smooth MX Style TTC Bluish Switches

TTC Bluish White

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Rounded Tactility Bump with a Silenced Bottom-Out 

TTC are experienced switch manufacturers, having been in the scene for many years. The brand is popular in the Eastern keyboard community, with majority of the audience preferring to use TTC switches stock.

Bluish White switches are unique because there is silicone dampening inside the bottom housing to silence the down-stroke. This means there is shorter stem travel overall -- 3.5mm instead of the usual 4mm.

The switches are also produced with a 2 Stage Spring that helps accentuate the tactility by making the collapse feel consistent and up-stroke more "snappy". 

Packs of 10 Switches 

    TTC Bluish White

    • Muted Bottom
    • 2 Stage Extension Spring (50g Bottom Out)
    • Tactile
    • 3 pin
    • Factory Lubed Leaf and Spring